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Why Is the Warning Effect of Solar Road Stud Better
The waning effect of solar road stud. Compared with the traditional reflective road stud, the solar road stud can achieve two light-emitting forms: active light-emitting and passive light-emitting. Solar road studs play a warning role through active and passive lighting.
Technological Improvement of Solar Road Stud Light
A major feature of solar road stud lights is their high technology content. So what are the advantages of using it? First of all, it must be noted that all technologies are for the convenience of human beings. Only products with absolute advantages over similar products can be called scientific and technological products. So is the solar road stud.
NOKIN Flashing Solar Road Stud Working Mode
Separately mounted solar road studs flash at the same frequency. Obstacles on the road and on the ground are outlined with the best visual effects. For bluetooth sync solar road studs work in the same blinking pattern. In synchronous flashing mode, it is usually used as roadside, green belt marking, deceleration line, obstacle indication, etc. Synchronous flashing solar road stud is a very effective technical means for urban beautification, anti-fog guidance and road marking enhancement.
How to Buy A Suitable Solar Road Stud?
In the market, there are many types, shapes and colors of solar road studs for customers to choose from. So the question is, how to buy a suitable solar road stud? The problem is that you have to depend on where you use it. NOKIN solar road stud is a good choice.
The Advantages of NOKIN Solar Road Stud A10
There are also more and more countries in the world accepting solar road studs and including them in the installation plan, and there are many kinds of solar road studs on the market, and the quality is not the same. Today I will introduce a NOKIN solar road stud. This road stud is an upgraded version of the previous road stud. Let's take a look at the advantages of this solar road stud!
1. Sturdy aluminum alloy base.
2.Very good sealing performance.
3. Better protection of solar panels
4. The PC shell will not turn yellow due to ultraviolet radiation
Ten Advantages of NOKIN Solar Road Stud
NOKIN is a manufacturer of solar road studs with 20 years of production and export experience. It has a production plant of 2,500 square meters and a monthly output of 50,000 road studs. It focuses on the production and research and development of mid-to-high-end solar road studs. Today, let's take a look at the 10 advantages of NOKIN solar road studs!
Bi-Directional Pavement Levelled Marker Stud Flush Type For Sale
Bi-Directional Pavement Levelled Marker Stud Flush Type For Sale from Nokin traffic is very famous in the Philippines, there are mianly 4 Flush Type Pavement Levelled Marker Stud to the Philippines market. These Bi-Directional pavement levelled marke studs are developed according to the Philippine DPWH standard and meet the needs of the market. If you are in the road construction industry in the Philippines, perhaps you have heard of the NOKIN brand.
6 Safety Locks Solar Road Stud Flush Type Philippines
NOKIN adjusted its solar road stud according to market demand, and launched two 6 safety lock solar road stud flush type targeting the Philippine market. These two model solar road studs with 6 screws are available in two sizes, one is 150mm in diameter, the other is 143mm in diameter, both use F8 super bright lamp beads, durable aluminum alloy base, sturdy PC shell, The waterproof level is IP68, and there are several waterproof processes in it.
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