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You Need One Aluminum LED Solar Road Stud A6-1
LED aluminum solar road stud for safety is widely used in highways, corners, petrol stations, highway entrances and exits, country roads, parking lot, garage, road, path, for outdoor use to show the way for safety in the darkness.
solar road stud
Energy Saving Solar Road Stud Light
Solar road stud lights are commonly used on both sides of crosswalks. Smart solar road studs are connected to traffic light systems to create "smart crosswalks". Perhaps you have seen such a scene in many places: at dusk or night, crosswalks without street lights, but a bright light to remind drivers around the timely avoidance. In places with high traffic flow, intelligent solar road studs flashing constantly, can always remind drivers to pay attention to pedestrians. I have seen such intelligent road stud lights in many cities.
led solar road stud on road
LED Solar Road Studs Are Expected To Have a Bigger Market in China
According to the Industrial Research Institute, the scale of led solar road stud construction in China reached 25,000 in 2018, and the overall market size is still relatively small. Solar road studs sales channels are mainly concentrated in the centralized government procurement, private procurement of solar road studs in few cases.
led road studs
The Business Opportunity of LED Solar Road Studs Is Here
LED solar road studs business opportunity will come with a large gap in demand for smart city lighting. LED road studs can also play the role of lighting. High-intensity lighting efficiency makes solar road studs have the function of replacing ordinary lighting fixtures, and even beyond ordinary lighting tools.
What Can Solar Road Stud Lights Do to Build Smart City
With the introduction of the concept of smart city, solar road stud lights are gradually gaining people's attention. Another great feature of smart solar road stud lights is that they are beautiful and decorative. The colorful solar road stud lights can be illuminated by flashing or constent mode, so it also becomes a city landscape at night.
What Are the Advantages of Solar Road Stud Lights?
First of all, the advantages of solar road studs are reflected in the non-pollution of solar road studs. The second advantage of road stud lights is that the appearance of solar road studs is relatively beautiful and generous. The biggest advantage of solar road studs is that they have a long service life and are not prone to failure.
Solar Road Studs Light Xinwu Village
Solar road stud lights can be used not only in cities but also in rural areas and mountainous areas. In rural areas where it is not convenient to lay lines or where electricity is insufficient, solar road stud lights can well replace street lamps and play a lighting role. Due to the shortage of maintenance personnel in rural areas, solar road stud lights that do not need frequent maintenance are very suitable for installation in rural areas.
Where to Install Solar Road Stud Lights
The use of solar road stud lights is very wide, for government projects, solar road studs can be installed on highways, country roads, roundabouts, parks, campuses, hospitals, etc., for personal use, road stud lights can be used in their own farms, gardens, docks , villas, steps, decorations on pillars, etc.
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