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Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.

Ten Advantages of NOKIN Solar Road Stud
NOKIN is a manufacturer of solar road studs with 20 years of production and export experience. It has a production plant of 2,500 square meters and a monthly output of 50,000 road studs. It focuses on the production and research and development of mid-to-high-end solar road studs. Today, let's take a look at the 10 advantages of NOKIN solar road studs!
Bi-Directional Pavement Levelled Marker Stud Flush Type For Sale
Bi-Directional Pavement Levelled Marker Stud Flush Type For Sale from Nokin traffic is very famous in the Philippines, there are mianly 4 Flush Type Pavement Levelled Marker Stud to the Philippines market. These Bi-Directional pavement levelled marke studs are developed according to the Philippine DPWH standard and meet the needs of the market. If you are in the road construction industry in the Philippines, perhaps you have heard of the NOKIN brand.
6 Safety Locks Solar Road Stud Flush Type Philippines
NOKIN adjusted its solar road stud according to market demand, and launched two 6 safety lock solar road stud flush type targeting the Philippine market. These two model solar road studs with 6 screws are available in two sizes, one is 150mm in diameter, the other is 143mm in diameter, both use F8 super bright lamp beads, durable aluminum alloy base, sturdy PC shell, The waterproof level is IP68, and there are several waterproof processes in it.
Solar Road Studs With 6pcs Safety Locks In The Philippine Market
In response to the Philippine government's requirements for new solar road studs, NOKIN has launched a solar road stud with 6 safety locks, which has been modified several times, from the original F5 lamp beads to F8 lamp beads, and the solar panel has also undergone several changes.
Solar Cat-eye Road Studs Remind Carts to Pass Safely at Night
During the day, the large solar panel of the 360-degree solar cat eye road stud can absorb sunlight, convert the solar energy into electricity, and store it in the energy storage device. At night, the electric energy in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy, and the LED emits bright light to outline the road outline to induce the driver's sight, helping the driver to avoid the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent.
standard of road stud
Standard Requirements And Installation Positions of Road Studs
The standard requirements for road studs are divided into 3 categories:
First, construction requirements
Road studs should be made of materials that are sufficiently resistant to chemicals, water and UV rays.
The height and width of the road stud must not exceed 20.3 mm (0.80 in.) and 130 mm (5.1 in.), respectively.
The angle between the front of the road stud and the base shall not be greater than 45°.
The bottom of the road stud should be flat within 1.3 mm (0.05 in. ).
The bottom of the road stud should be substantially matte or a substance that could degrade its adhesion to the adhesive.
The Types of Road Studs
Road stud, is used in the road pavement making to guide the vehicles driving on the right roadway and reduce the accidents to keep traffic safe. The road studs are classified by color as follows:
1. White
2. Red
3. Yellow
4. Green
Solar Driveway Guardrail Delineators Are Increasingly Important In Modern Society
Solar driveway guardrail delineator is a kind of delineator set along the road surface, used at night or in rainy and foggy weather to indicate the direction of the road. It is composed of retroreflective materials, shells, solar panels, LEDs, and control devices. It has active luminescence and passive reflective performance. Guidance facilities, usually used in conjunction with markings.
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