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Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.

solar road stud lights
The Advantage of Active Solar Road Studs Light
The traditional solar road stud requires that every road stud point must have sufficient sunlight, which is not realistic. Therefore, in the solar road stud industry, active road stud is an important technical way for development.
solar road stud for sale
The Introduce of Solar LED Road Studs
The working principle of solar led road studs can be simply summarized as: in the day time, solar panels of solar road studs take in sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy. At night, the electric energy in energy storage devices of solar road studs is automatically converted into light energy.
Intelligent Zebra Crossing System
Solar LED Road Stud Lights and Intelligent Zebra Crossing System
There is no big difference between intelligent zebra crossing and normal zebra crossing, but there are two rows of solar LED road stud light strips on both sides of the zebra crossing.
solar road studs lights
The Intelligent Solar LED Road Stud to Save Phubbers
The early warning function of the solar LED road studs is very remarkable, solar led road stud can clearly remind motorists to yield to the zebra crossing, slow down, reduce vehicle and pedestrian crossing conflicts, improve intersection traffic safety, and create a more safe and orderly road traffic environment for the public.
solar led road studs
The Solar LED Road Stud Intelligent Zebra in Nanjing
The intelligent zebra crossing is an upgrade to the solar road stud application. The solar LED road studs are laid on both sides of the zebra crossing and controlled by smart sensors and bluetooth system to keep in line with the traffic light changes.
solar road studs lights
Solar LED Road Stud Marker in Pedestrian Crossing System
Intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system is a kind of solar led road stud marker and LED traffic sign on the sidewalk. LED lights can send out warning light to warn drivers to slow down or stop to wait, and remind pedestrians to watch vehicles at the intersection, so as to make sure the safety of pedestrians crossing the road.
solar road studs lights
Solar LED Road Stud Light Is A Kind of Road Traffic Sign
Solar road stud light is a kind of traffic safety facilities. Solar led road stud light mainly installed in the middle of road markings or double yellow lines to remind the driver to drive according to the lane through its anti reflection performance.
solar road studs for road safety
NOKIN Solar Road Stud Markers for Road Safety
Solar road studs supplier -- NOKIN is a traffic facilities technology company, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. NOKIN solar road studs are widely used in residential as well as commercial areas, industrial complexes, parking plazas, and shopping malls.
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