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What's The Price of Road Stud?

Road studs, also known as raised road markers, is a traffic safety facility, installed in the middle of the road marking or the middle of the double yellow line, through its retro-reflective properties to remind drivers to follow the lane driving. Road studs are used to divide the road, separate the road or lane arrangement within the traffic and road safety.


Usually, road studs are covered with reflective material or reflectors. Reflectors (called cat eyes) are small, but important materials act as light by reflecting vehicle headlights. There are three types of reflectors used: reflective sheeting, plastic reflectors, and glass beads. Of these reflector types, glass beads have the longest life, while reflective sheeting has the shortest life. Typically, plastic reflectors and reflective sheeting are preferred for temporary road maintenance projects. The use of glass beads is beneficial in permanent locations or where they are expected to last longer.

The price of reflective road studs are inexpensive, ranging from $0.60-$0.80 for plastic and $1.60-$2 for aluminum, and are used in high volumes to provide efficient visibility even at night or when it is raining. The reflective road studs can be easily fixed to the asphalt with a strong adhesive.


The price of solar road studs is a little higher compared to reflective road studs. The price of solar road studs ranges from $5-$20, depending on the quality of the solar road studs, solar road stud price is determined by factors such as pressure resistance, water resistance, solar panels, batteries, etc. Solar road studs recharge themselves during the day through their solar panels and operate automatically throughout the night. It operates in flashing mode or constant  to warn drivers.


The use of solar road studs reduces the need for headlight high beams and the attendant danger of dazzling oncoming drivers. They are also more visible in rain and fog conditions, as traditional reflective road studs have limited reflective effect in extreme weather such as rain or fog. This is why solar road studs price are more expensive than reflective road studs.