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The Advantages of Solar Powered Road Stud Light Compared With Reflective Studs


The original reflective stud was invented by Yorkshire man Percy Shaw in the 1930s, when he was inspired by the car headlights reflected in the cat's eyes. Traditional reflective studs use reflectors or retroreflective materials that rely on the headlight beam for illumination.

solar powered road stud


Unlike traditional reflective road studs, the new road solution solar powered road stud light can function effectively without relying on headlights. Active solar road stud light use internal light-emitting diodes (LED) as the light source, so they can provide ten times greater visibility than traditional "cat eyes" , So that the driver can clearly see the road 800m ahead.


These types of road stud light work in a good way above the road surface. Since solar powered road stud lights are light emitting devices, these solar road studs light come in many different colors, such as green, red, and amber. They are embedded in the road surface. These devices convey information about the direction of the road to the driver even in severe weather conditions. The traditional reflective studs have little effect in rainy weather.


Solar powered road stud light can help improve road capacity. They have made tremendous contributions in improving traffic safety. These road studs are usually the highest way to obtain the highest reliability on roads with heavy traffic. Mr. Li, an experienced driver, said: "When using road stud light, the pressure when driving is much less, because I can see farther ahead."

These solar powered road stud lights only need to be charged for four hours to work for up to 10 days, and the cost of life is the same as traditional reflective studs.

Mr. Qin, the company's president, said: "We hope that they will become the norm, solar powered road stud light have clear road safety benefits and other benefits for the driver. This is why we are enthusiastic about this.