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What is The Use Of Solar Road Stud

Solar road studs are LED flashing devices used on the road to improve road safety and reduce road accidents by providing drivers with line of sight locations and providing them with road visibility conditions, curves, and edges ahead within their driving vision. Solar road studs maintain a sufficient charge to complete a full duty cycle. These solar road studs are charged by sunlight, low level light and other light sources such as vehicle headlights. NOKIN's solar road studs include a one-year warranty and have a life expectancy of up to five years.

Some friends who are not familiar with solar road studs may not know its use. They will often ask what's the use of solar road studs. The main purpose of solar road studs will be introduced below.


1. Installed on the road as a warning

Solar road studs are usually installed on the roadside or in the middle of the double yellow line to mark the lane or the edge of the road, even at night or in bad weather, the solar road stud will automatically light up, so that the driver will be clear. Seeing the edge of the road and the lane, the raised solar road studs also have an important role for the driver. When the driver deviates from the lane, the vehicle will vibrate slightly to remind the driver of the lane that has deviated.

2. Installed in parks and gardens for decoration

With the increasing acceptance of solar road studs, there are more and more types of solar road studs. Some plastic solar road studs have occupied the back gardens of many people with their beautiful designs. They are easy to install, do not need cables, each small independent unit can emit light independently, and the compact size does not require too much space. The solar road studs can be installed on fences, steps, and pillars, only used glue or two screws to fixed them, as long as there is sun exposure, they can work well for the whole year.


3. Intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system

Wired road studs can be combined with traffic lights or led traffic signs to form an intelligent pedestrian crossing system. Through the combination of camera and LARA technology, infrared sensors can sense the passage of pedestrians. When pedestrians pass by, the road studs and led signs frequently flash or the road studs follow the traffic lights change to remind pedestrians and vehicles to pass the zebra crossing carefully and safely. Of course, the road stud that can be used in this system have higher requirements for resisting pressure, because the road studs in this system are generally installed in the middle of the road.