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What Will Influence the Price of Solar Road Studs

Colorful solar road stud can help drivers see the road contour clearly at night. As we all known, various kinds of road studs have been introduced all around the world, including plastic solar road studs, glass solar road studs, aluminum solar road studs, and so on. The function and use of solar road studs are also recognized by the majority of users.


Now every city has installed solar road studs for lighting or to remind pedestrians and drivers to pay attention to the road conditions. In short, the role of solar road stud is to protect people's safety and avoid traffic accidents. People are more and more willing to buy solar road stud, which leads to a question: what is the price range of solar road stud? What factors affect the price of solar road stud? I will answer here.


The price of solar road stud is affected by many factors: material, waterproof grade, compression grade, LED lamp, solar panel and so on. First of all, you need to understand the factors that determine the quality and price of solar road studs, such as the compression resistance, impact resistance, water resistance and high and low temperature resistance of solar road studs.

The better the quality, the higher the price. A better solar road stud has a service life of up to 5-8 years, can withstand 40 tons of pressure, and is parallel to the road after installation. The low-cost pasted solar road stud is more vulnerable to vehicle impact and damage.


So the price of good quality solar road studs and poor quality solar road studs will be 4-5 times worse, so when we purchase solar road studs, we can't just look at the price. When necessary, we can tell the require to solar road studs supplier and let them recommend one solar road studs that fit our usage scenarios. You can also try to understand the compression resistance of solar road studs, solar panels, and batteries, because these are important factors that affect the price of solar road studs. If any one of these is different, the price may vary a lot.