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NOKIN Solar Road Stud Factory Complete the Upgrade

In my previous article and you have revealed that the solar road stud manufacturer NOKIN is upgrading the factory, today I want to tell you that NOKIN has completed the upgrade of the factory, now NOKIN's solar road stud production plant is a clean room, equipped with a variety of machines to improve production efficiency. The monthly production capacity is up to 40,000 solar road studs!


NOKIN is a transportation technology company, based in the field of solar road stud production, producing and supplying a wide range of high quality solar road studs, services and solutions, focusing on road safety. In addition to solar road studs, NOKIN also develops, manufactures and supplies products and services in the field of reflective road studs, solar road signs, solar warning lights, road marking machines, delineators, etc.


So far, NOKIN has 13 types of solar road studs and 5 types of reflective road studs, each of which is available in five colors: red, yellow, white, green and blue. And we have signed product agency agreements with companies in South Africa, Spain, the United States, Thailand and so on.

Today's roads have more safety devices than at any other time in history. Yet, even with these devices, there are more fatalities than ever before. Overhead lights, sidewalk markings and V-shaped signs are all great ways to improve safety on rural roads, but now there is an even more innovative and effective way to improve driver safety, experience and reaction time: NOKIN Solar Road Studs. These solar-powered road studs are made of high-quality materials and are designed to save lives for years with little to no maintenance.


If you are considering expanding your product list, you are welcome to visit the NOKIN Solar Road Stud factory. NOKIN has a top-notch sales and manufacturing team, and more importantly, NOKIN's solar road studs are the best, so remember to contact us!