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How to Install Raised Solar Road Studs Which is Without the Anchor


There are various styles of solar road studs, such as embedded solar road studs, raised solar road studs, etc. Some solar road studs without the anchor, and some road studs need the anchor to be punched and installed below the ground.They can be installed in asphalt, concrete elements and all other types of foundations. A big advantage is that cabling is no longer necessary. Do you know how to install a raised solar road stud without a anchor?


Installation process of solar road studs without anchors:

1.Check if the solar stud charging and discharging is normal.

2.Determine the installation location and distance, clean the road surface, and ensure that the solar road studs are installed on a flat road surface.

3.Clean the bottom of the solar road stud and apply the epoxy glue evenly to the back of the studs.

4.Press the side with the glue on the road, fix the position, wait for the glue to dry.


install solar road stud

There are also some considerations during the installation process:
1.Place the installation isolation facility, determine the installation location, and ensure that the installation road is level.

2.Use a brush to clean the installation location while ensuring that the installation location is dry;

3.Evenly apply a proper amount of glue on the back of raised solar road studs;

4.Firmly press the solar road studs in the installation position to ensure correct orientation and remove excess glue;

5.Check within 2 hours of installation to ensure that all studs are not installed incorrectly and are not bent or deformed due to compression.

6.Remove the installation isolation facility within 6-8 hours after the installation of the road pillars.


solar road stud on road