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Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs Price


Solar cats eyes road studs is a road stud that follows the road direction indicated by the road at night or in rain and fog. It is composed of retro reflective materials, shells, solar panels, leadership, control devices, visual sensing devices. With active lighting and passive reflection performance, solar cats eyes is usually used in conjunction with standard wire.

solar cats eyes road stud

Solar cats eyes road studs can be installed in the following places:
1. Schools and hospitals
2. High flow area
3. Airport
4. Walking path
5. Bus station
6. Parks and campuses

Solar cats eyes road studs have been proven to improve safety and are a more sustainable and economical way to define night time or severe weather conditions.

In our daily work, we often find that customers want to know the price of solar road studs. The road studs price may range from 4 US dollars to 20 US dollars. The factors that affect the price of solar road studs mainly affected by the following factors:

solar road stud

1. Solar road stud battery: The price of solar road studs for nickel-metal hydride (NI-MH) batteries is the lowest, followed by lithium batteries, and the price of super capacitors is the highest.

2. Compression index of solar road studs: Generally speaking, the higher the pressure resistance, the higher the price of the solar road studs.

3. Solar panels: One of the core components of solar cats eyes road studs is the solar panel. The better the flexibility of the solar panel, the less likely it is to break. The price of such solar cats eyes will also be relatively high.

4. Types of solar road studs: If a solar cats eyes road studs is unique to a company's independent research and development, the price of such solar road studs will be higher than the price of solar road studs generally on the market. Of course, the performance of this type of solar cats eyes road stud is also relatively good, with outstanding characteristics.

The above are only some of the factors that affect solar road studs price, and I hope to help friends who want to know such information. If you want the exact price of solar road studs, you still need to consult our sales staff, you can contact us by email: info@nk-roadstud.com.