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LED Solar Road Stud Light On the Port in Unite Sates

Project location: United State
Product model: NK-RS-Q7
Installation time: 2018


Road stud are a practical road safety device for roads between cities or cities, shopping centers, parking lots, residential parking lots, public and private parking lots, etc. The road stud are used as lane adjusters and road separators. By projecting the vehicle headlights with a glass bead lens, an effective field of view can be provided. Guide the driver at night and in inclement weather.

road stud in USA

In recent years, LED solar road stud have also been widely used. LED solar road stud are like reflective road stud, but use solar energy to drive embedded LED lights. Adding embedded LEDs to each stud gives these reflectors a significant advantage over traditional studs by increasing the reaction time of the drive. Since the reaction time depends mainly on the vision, the solar stud can give the driver 30 seconds of reaction time, while the traditional stud can provide 3.2 seconds of reaction time. A nearly ten times more reaction time can reduce the accident rate to 70%.

LED Solar Road Stud

The application of road stud light is not limited to roads. We have an ultra-thin LED solar road stud, a transparent PC case with a thickness of only 11mm, this road stud in USA is very popular,many American customers buy for decoration on private docks, ports, and bridge decks for decoration. The road stud light installed at the dock does not need to be re-wired, and the solar energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery or the capacitor. When the light is dimmed, it will automatically light up and the installation is very convenient, and the glue can be directly pasted in the required position. Maintenance free.

Road Stud Light

These road stud light are dotted on the lake at night, which illuminates the outline of the pier bridge and helps people to pass safer. Another important advantage is that there are many colors to choose from. Waterproof grade IP68, don't worry about the damp weather conditions, if you need such a road stud light, welcome to contact us!