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Shenzhen NOKIN Solar Road Stud

Shenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of solar road studs, which integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Solar road studs are specially designed for marking crosswalks, roundabouts, traffic islands, etc. The Solar Road Studs includes a light-emitting diode (LED) that automatically illuminates in the dark, providing drivers with 10 times better visibility than traditional retroreflective road studs.

The solar road stud is made of an active lighting LED light source and can work completely autonomously for several years. All products have unique shapes, patent certificates, etc. Thanks to this technology, NOKIN solar road studs have the highest level of lighting (durability) without the need for expensive wiring installation. 


The innovative design of solar road studs is made of the highest quality stainless steel or PC, which makes our solar energy to the top with compression resistance and improves road safety. Solar energy generates environmentally friendly electricity from sunlight. Therefore, these high-quality solar road studs can operate independently outside, are completely maintenance-free, and save time and effort.

Due to the solar road stud's own power source (solar battery), the electrical wiring of these lights is eliminated, making it quick and convenient. It is safer on rainy days, is not afraid of leakage, and solar road studs can also warn drivers of driving safety and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.


Prolonged exposure of solar road studs to wet spaces may reduce its service life. Since prolonged transportation may deplete the power, we recommend testing use for approximately 3-5 days before securing it to the ground. You can choose to fix the solar road studs with epoxy glue or screws, if the solar road studs are installed in a wet environment, we recommend using epoxy resin to fix them.