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The Advantages of Solar LED Road Stud

One advantage of solar led road studs is the energy saving. Solar road studs can make great strides in energy saving. Since solar road studs do not use electrical resources, they can only be used by absorbing solar energy.

led road studs

In some mountainous areas and places where electricity is inconvenient, solar LED road studs are a new alternative to street lights. Use solar road studs to great effect. Compared with ordinary road studs, the lighting range of solar road studs can reach 800m to 1000m. The solar LED road stud is an evolution of the cat's eye, transforming it from a simple reflective lane indicator to a powered light visible a kilometer away, and can also connect to other traffic systems and turn on and off to help direct traffic flow. Solar road studs also have a long service life. This reduces the cost of using LED road studs to a greater extent.


Another advantage of solar energy is active lighting and dynamic warning. The solar led road stud flashes at a certain frequency at night, and its dynamic warning effect is very strong. Active lighting can not only avoid the interference of rain and fog to a certain extent, but also free the driver's line of sight from the dependence on the car lights, and the visual distance is farther and the effect is better.

For constructors, the biggest advantage of solar led road studs is that they are easy to install. These small indicator lights only need to be fixed with epoxy glue or two screws. Some led road studs that are flush with the ground may need to be turned when installing,  but compared with the installation of street lights, the installation of solar road studs is a very small project.

Solar led road studs have many advantages and have been recognized at home and abroad. Naturally, in terms of use, many users like to choose solar road stud.