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How To Install Solar Road Stud?


Some Solar road studs are embedded within the road surface; this method enhances their long life span and ensures that the solar road stud can be driven over by heavy traffic. They can be installed in asphalt, concrete elements and all other types of foundations. A big advantage is that cabling is no longer necessary.

And some other solar road studs are raised above the road pavement, they need glue to fix on the road, those solar road studs usually can't withstand great impact and they can't be installed in middle of road.

solar road stud

Firstly, I want to introduce where can be installed the solar road studs:
1. Dangerous blind corners and sharp-curves, black spots and poorly lit areas.
2. Areas with unpredictable weather conditions
(coastal roads, foggy areas, wet and rainy regions, etc.).
3.Joint intersections, on and off ramps, center lines and dividers,
4. entrance warnings, carpool lanes, bridges, cross and side walks
4. Guidance lines, traffic islands, roundabouts and mountain roads.
5. Taxiways at airports, bike and pedestrian lanes, aboard ships and watercrafts.
6. Entertainment areas, parking lots, hotel entrances and gas stations etc.

Secondly, how to install solar road stud:
1.Check if the solar road stud charge and discharge is in the normal way
2.Identify the place and distance for installation and clean road surface
3.Clean the bottom of the solar road stud and use epoxy glue to stick it onto the ground. (If the solar road stud is embedded type, you need to milling a hole first,and then use epoxy glue to stick it onto the hole)
4.Put solar road studs into use until 6-8 hours later when they are totally dry

install solar road stud

Thirdly, Notice about installation :
• Check if the solar road stud charges and discharges normally
• Identify the place for installation
• Clean road surfaces
• Clean the bottom of the solar road stud and use epoxy glue to stick it to the ground
• Wait 8 hours for drying before activating solar road stud
Make sure no vehicles press on the solar road stud .