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How Do Road Stud Work?

Road studs, used for road surfacing, guide vehicles on the right road to reduce accidents and ensure safe driving. Therefore, it is also known as road pavement markers.

Road studs are mostly used to mark individual spaces on multi-lane highways, two-lane roads, roads, construction zone entrances and exits, and even small parking lots. Between their appearance and raised texture, road studs will help keep existing lanes organized, temporarily replace painted lines on newly paved surfaces, and overall just make roads safer and easier to navigate.


According to the working principle, there are reflective road studs and solar road studs, and today we'll learn more about how these two types of road studs work.

Reflective road studs

Reflective road studs, also known as pavement markers, is the use of reflective materials using the principle of retro-refraction injection molding into the shape of many angular reflector traffic safety facilities. Applicable to the middle of the road marking, the middle of the double yellow line, highway intersections and curves, community parking, large shopping malls and other scenes, to play a role in reminding drivers to drive according to the lane and pay attention to the diversion line. The working principle of reflective road studs mainly relies on reflective materials to reflect the light of the headlights to play a warning role.

reflective road studs

Among the reflective materials are reflective sheet and glass beads, there is a glass reflective road studs, it can be 360 degrees reflective, no dead ends. All reflective road studs work on the premise that there must be light exposure.

Solar road studs

Different from the reflective road stud, solar road studs belong to the self-luminous road stud, that is, do not need to rely on the lights of the headlights can still play a warning role, solar road studs have LED beads inside, in the surrounding light becomes dark to a certain extent, will automatically light up.

The working principle of solar road studs can be summarized as follows: solar panels absorb sunlight during the day, the solar energy into electricity, stored in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors). At night, the electrical energy in the storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by photoelectric switch), and the LED emits bright light to outline the road and induce the driver's line of sight.