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Why Choose Solar Road Stud Light?

One will find that more and more roads and streets are using solar road stud lights. Solar road stud lights are becoming more and more important for road safety. That's because it can be charged automatically by sunlight. At the same time, it helps to save more energy to develop other transportation facilities, and also helps to reduce accidents at regional railroad crossings and intersections, and provides guidance and hazard warnings to drivers in darkness and bad weather.
Solar road stud lights are an improvement on traditional road studs. During the day, the solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts the solar energy into electricity. At night, the electricity is automatically converted into light energy, which is emitted by LEDs. When night falls or bad weather starts, the road stud lights will automatically start to light up or flash.

Solar road stud lights enable drivers to see the road ahead beyond the headlight beam. Compared to traditional reflective road studs, drivers can see ten times farther down the road with solar road studs. This allows drivers to respond to changes in the road ahead ten times longer, thereby reducing erratic driving behavior.
In addition, it is environmentally friendly. In other words. It is non-polluting, so solar studs are preferred in many areas such as city roads, tunnels, and parking lots. Such as highways and factories.

Solar road stud lights are equipped with solar cells. Meanwhile, LED maintenance-free lighting can provide electricity. These devices are used in road construction to depict road edges and centerlines. In addition, road studs lights can be installed on either side of the road. More importantly, it does not take up much space. It is easy to install and requires absolutely no wires or maintenance.


Solar road stud lights are strong enough to prevent damage from passing vehicles. More importantly, the use of solar studs in road safety reduces the use of headlights and the consequent risk of driver confusion. Due to the special properties of solar studs, they are more suitable for separating lanes, corners, indicating and warning of heavy traffic. In addition, its application can help avoid many traffic accidents. In short, as long as it contributes to traffic safety. Solar road studs will work better.

All of NOKIN's solar road studs use the best raw materials, from the housing to the batteries, circuit boards, solar panels and light beads. They all use the best technology to make them charge efficiently and durably, and work well in high or low temperature environments. We also accept customization. Shapes and working methods can be customized to meet your needs! We are looking forward to your pleasant cooperation and creating a bright future together!