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Solar Road Stud Light and Smart Pedestrian Crossing

In order to remind drivers to give way to the zebra crossing, slow down, and ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, recently, the Municipal Center of Sanmen County Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau has promoted the "Smart Pedestrian Crossing" project. Install solar road stud lights on two sections of zebra crossings in other areas.


What is a solar road stud light?
The reason why pedestrian crossings glow is mainly due to the use of solar road stud lights. Solar road studs can absorb sunlight through solar cells during the day, convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it, and automatically convert electrical energy into light energy at night or under other conditions of insufficient lighting, and emit various colors through light-emitting components. Light. In addition, the solar road stud can work normally in rainy, snowy and foggy weather, and has the characteristics of high luminous brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, long visual distance, and convenient installation and maintenance.

The installation of solar road stud lights can not only enhance the driver's ability to identify remotely at night, and warn the driver to decelerate in advance, but also the frequency and brightness of its flashing will not affect the driver's driving safety, which can effectively improve road traffic safety at night.

Citizens who pass through the Sanmen Dahutang area can find that when night falls, "starlight" will flash on both sides of the pedestrian crossing at the intersection. Walking on these zebra crossings is like walking on the "Avenue of Stars".


At present, the municipal department has installed 960 solar road stud lights in the Dahutang area. The next step will be to install solar road studs on both sides of the pedestrian crossing at intersections with large traffic flow and traffic according to the actual situation and use effect. Both civilized and artistic.

In fact, the raised road stud lights in the picture are not suitable for installation on zebra crossings, because the pressure resistance of such solar road stud lights is not enough. In the road sections with more traffic, it is easy to crush the solar panels, resulting in solar road studs can not work normally. The solar road studs that are really suitable for zebra crossings are flush type solar road studs, and their compressive value should reach more than 40 tons.

nokin solar road stud lights in smart pedestrian crossing

NOKIN X5 solar road studs are very suitable for installation on pedestrian crossings or road centerlines. Its solar panels use flexible solar panels, which not only have a high conversion rate, but also have strong ductility. It is not easy to break, plus the imported PC shell, the compressive value can reach more than 40 tons. This solar road stud lights can also be used in combination with traffic lights or solar signs to form an smart pedestrian crossing system. At present, it has been promoted and used in many countries.