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How To Install Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs


A. Solar cats eyes road studs installation location

Road edge or road central

B. Solar cats eyes road studs iInstallation application

Vehicle deceleration and reflection

C. Material and tool preparation

1. A glue (transparent color), B glue (brown color).

2. Cement, steel brush, shovel, chalk, tape measure, plastic bucket, plastic stick, broom.

3. Electric drill and drill bit, wooden stick or electric drill mixer.

4. When the working temperature is lower than 10 degrees, kerosene stove or other heating tools need to be prepared.



D. Solar cats eyes road studs iInstallation process

1. Location: The installation area of solar road studs should be level, dry and free of water, clean and free of cracks.

2. Glue mixing: A glue for solar cat eyes and B glue for solar cat eyes. The mixing ratio is 1: 1 (for example, 1 kg for A glue and 1 kg for B glue), and 20% cement is added as a filler. The glue must be mixed evenly and the color should be the same.

3. Punching: Use an electric drill to punch holes at the measurement position, and the depth of the holes should be in accordance with the length of the anchor of solar cats eyes.

4. Glue: clean the ground, stick the appropriate amount of glue on the studs, not only stick it firmly on the ground, but also don't sprinkle too much, you can scrape with a spatula, you can reuse it, turn right after paste Turn left twice to make the glue stick to the ground and solar road studs more evenly.

5. Check: Two hours after installation, all road studs should be checked again, and if distortion occurs, it should be modified.

6. Road closure: at least 6 hours after the road closure to ensure the glue curing time.


install solar road stud

E. Notice

1. Traffic safety, operators must wear traffic safety reflective clothing, use reflective barrier facilities to close the construction area, if operating at night, set up electronic luminescence induction signs or warning lights, etc., to ensure the safety warning effect.

2. Do not install the solar cat eyes road stud on the marked line, but install it 5cm away from the line.

3. Generally, the distance between the solar road stud and the marking line should be the same, the single-sided mirror is opposite to the direction of the vehicle, please do not install it in reverse or bend.

4. During the installation process, the operator should grasp both sides of the road stud and do not touch the surface of the mirror, so as not to dirty the mirror.

5. Each time the mixed glue should not exceed 3kg (because the mixed glue will solidify after a certain time, so to avoid waste, please do not mix more than 3kg each time).

6. When the working temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the glue is not easy to mix, you should use a kerosene furnace to heat the glue (only A glue, not B glue). Use a mixer to mix them evenly.

7. Do not install when there is water on ground.