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Where to Install Solar Road Stud Lights

With the development of science and technology, we can understand more and more clearly that the use of solar road stud lights is not only limited to the use on the road, but also in more and more application scenarios such as pillars, steps, trucks, farms. The figures of the solar road stud lights can be seen on the horns of animals and horns. Now, we also saw these colorful solar road stud lights on the bridge.

Recently, the reporter learned that Guangzhou Road Maintenance Center Nancheng Maintenance Center adheres to innovation and leads development, actively uses new technologies and new materials in road maintenance work, and continuously improves the level of road maintenance. Among them, Nancheng Maintenance Center G105 Line Pingshan Bridge to Sangui Village Section Install solar road stud lights. The road stud light can assist and strengthen the display of road markings, which can well improve the safety of driving at night. At the same time, multi-color flashing lights are used to add new colors to urban roads.


Also in 2020, our Tanzanian customer purchased a batch of solar road stud lights to be installed on the road surface of bridges. In the future traffic warning products, solar road studs will stand out. Why is a small solar road stud light have so many advantages? Let's take a look at the following aspects!

Environmental Safety

*Green Energy Safety Products
*Dowels operated by "dry" energy
*Sustainable energy products
* Cheap disposal and safety


Reliable track record

Green energy is the solution: Solar road stud lights are already in use in many locations around the world, with a reported reduction of over 70% in nighttime accidents. High-tech solar road stud lights will easily replace or supplement and work with currently installed reflectors to provide greater visibility and overall safety on the road at night. Following this green approach to using the sun and solar energy is a remarkable solution.


Easy to install and daily operation

Solar road stud lights turn on and off automatically - at dusk, the units turn on and during the day, they turn off ...... These road stud lights are designed to handle great weight pressure and extreme heat and cold conditions. The solar road studs are easy to install and do not require any maintenance or electrical installation. The units operate at very low voltages and are sealed, making them safe for the public and installers.

Cost effectiveness

*5-year average life span
*Free maintenance
*Replacement of overhead street lights
*Easy and friendly installation
*No power required

In a word, the use of solar road stud lights is very wide, for government projects, solar road studs can be installed on highways, country roads, roundabouts, parks, campuses, hospitals, etc., for personal use, road stud lights can be used in their own farms, gardens, docks , villas, steps, decorations on pillars, etc.