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Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System Improve The Road Safety

In the past, some people went retrograde or crossed the road because of short cuts, posing serious safety hazards. The solar road stud smart zebra crossing solves the problem of pedestrians crossing the road. The blinking of the solar road stud is very eye-catching and can help the visually impaired and hearing impaired to cross the street. Ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

Solar road stud smart zebra crossing technology uses a set of intelligent sensing and control equipment to link with traffic lights to protect pedestrians crossing the road with eye-catching, real-time sound and visual warnings. Solar road studs can warn passing vehicles to be courteous to pedestrians, thereby protecting people and vehicles are safe.

After the system is activated, the warning equipment towards the driver's side: solar road studs and solar signs/traffic lights start to flash to warn that there is a pedestrian in front of the driver's side that is crossing or about to cross the road, please slow down and give way; at the same time, the solar road stud toward the pedestrian side starts to flash. Warn pedestrians that you are or are about to cross a zebra crossing. Please pass carefully. Simultaneous warning at both ends to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

The "Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System" can automatically sense the traffic of people and vehicles on the sidewalk, and control the solar road studs on the zebra crossing to light up in real time, reminding passing vehicles to pay attention to courtesy. After pedestrians leave the zebra crossing, the solar road studs are controlled to go out and the motor vehicles are quickly released.

The solar road studs on the Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System have good visibility no matter in the haze or night state. The driver can know the pedestrian traffic in advance at a safe distance of tens of meters to take avoidance measures. Safe counterparts.


The "Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System" is very convenient for pedestrians. The solar road stud can bear a weight of 40 tons and is IP68 waterproof. It is not afraid of passing vehicles or bad weather. Therefore, the solar road stud smart zebra crossing can be applied to all intersections, schools, hospitals, industrial parks, mountain roads, airports, and other places.