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Let Flashing Solar Road Studs Illuminate the Road Under Your Feet

Recently, in Zhaoqing Star Lake Avenue, eight crosswalks, both sides of the ground lit up "sparkling star", is very eye-catching. The public into these zebra lines, as if on the "Avenue of Stars". It is because that this light belt consists of flashing solar road studs is set on a part of the zebra crossing without traffic lights on Xinghu Avenue, which can serve as a clear warning to pedestrians and passing vehicles at night.


At 8 PM, the sky was completely dark. The reporter saw by the zebra line on Xinghu Avenue without traffic lights. There were cars on the road. Although the street lights were fully turned on, the environment still seemed to be slightly underlighted. At this time, the amber lights emitted by the solar road studs on the zebra crossing were exceptional at night. Conspicuous. These flashing solar road studs not only beautify the road environment but also increase the safety of pedestrians crossing the road.

On the opposite road, on the ground on both sides of each zebra crossing, there are light strips composed of dozens of flashing solar road studs, which continuously flash and flash amber lights, motor vehicle drivers are constantly reminded to be courteous to the zebra crossing and slow down to reduce the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians and help ensure the safety of pedestrians.


"These flashing solar road studs on the ground are very beautiful, and they also serve as a reminder of passing vehicles." said Ms. Liang, a citizen of Zhaoqing. The driver Mr. Zheng said that because the vision at night is worse than during the day, he will be very energetic when driving at night, especially when passing a zebra crossing, he will pay great attention to pedestrians crossing the road. "The flashing solar road studs on Xinghu Avenue allow drivers to see the position of the sidewalk from a distance, reminding drivers to drive safely. I think it's good." Mr. Zheng said.


The reporter has observed that when many vehicles pass these zebra crossings, they will slightly slow down, or give courtesy to pedestrians, or pass slowly. This shows that the safety warning effect of flashing solar road studs is quite obvious. Such luminous zebra crossings not only make the road more beautiful, but also safe and warm-hearted for the citizens of Zhaoqing.