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How to choose LED solar road stud lights

Everyone is familiar with the cat eyes installed on the road. Road studs were originally called raised road signs, and they are made of plastic or aluminum. This kind of traditional road stud is fixed on the road surface to serve as a warning mark. At night, the outline of the line on the ground is clearer. Especially in the rainy season, the driver's sight is hindered. With these road studs, the extension of the road ahead can be clearly defined. direction. With the rapid development of expressways and people's increasing emphasis on traffic safety, LED solar road stud lights are becoming more and more popular in road traffic.


Solar road stud lights come in a variety of styles and models, with different design appearances, sizes, and materials. Naturally, their functions can also adapt to various road conditions and traffic environments. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable solar road stud. First of all, the most basic and crucial function of solar road studs is to warn drivers, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and at the same time modify the road profile.
Ordinary plastic reflective road studs have a relatively short service life due to their relatively cheap price and non-compressive materials. However, they have good reflection effects, high-cost performance, and little impact on the road surface, which is conducive to driving safety. The most important thing to installing this kind of plastic reflective road stud is to improve its bonding strength with the ground to prevent the reflective road stud from leaving the ground during the rolling process of the vehicle.
There are also various materials for advanced solar road studs. LED road studs with aluminum shells have a longer service life and stronger pressure resistance; PC materials are more beautiful in appearance and are more suitable for the decoration of some municipal facilities. They have solar panels and batteries inside, and they emit light to remind us at night by converting solar energy into electricity. The waterproof ability is IP68, and it can even work normally in high and low-temperature environments, which is why solar road studs are becoming more and more popular now.
Solar road stud lights are developed on the basis of traditional road studs. It is a road warning marker with red, yellow, white, blue, green, etc. Our solar road studs are made of very good materials. , and can stand the quality inspection of customers. And we can also customize different lamp bead colors according to customer needs, and design a logo that is exclusive to your company.