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The most popular LED solar road stud lights in the Philippines

LED solar road stud lights are very popular in recent years, especially in some countries in the Philippines, such as Manila, Davao, Cebu, and some other cities, because of their good performance and high-quality working mode. In those cities, you will see two-way solar road stud lights basically covering most of the roads. According to statistics from some departments, the accident rate on roads installed with solar road stud lights has been reduced by about 80%, so the solar road stud lights introduced next are flush solar road stud lights that are very popular in the Philippines. Nail Light - (NK-IL300).


At the beginning of 2022, the Philippine government revised the latest solar road stud standards. We also followed the changes in market demand and launched two solar road stud lights (NK-IL300 and NK-IL300+) for the Philippine market. Both have six flush solar road stud lights with a safety lock, wear-resistant, and hard aluminum alloy base, and imported PC shell, the quality is strictly controlled, and a waterproof pad is installed at the bottom of the screw. The waterproof grade is IP68, which fully complies with the DPWH standard of the Philippines. Therefore, our products have also received unanimous praise from Filipino customers.
The working principle of solar road stud lights must be well understood by everyone. During the day, the internal solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery inside the road stud. When the external environment becomes dark or at night, the solar road stud lights The automatic discharge emits light, which modifies the outline of the road on the road and serves as a warning to drivers and passengers. High-intensity LED lamp beads, the brightness can be compared with traditional street lamps.
Because the material of the LED road studs is resistant to pressure and wear, waterproof and high temperature and low temperature, and it does not need wiring to connect to the mains at all, it can be installed independently, so it saves the maintenance cost of manpower and material resources, and the replacement period of three to five years and Its characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving have better economic benefits.
NOKIN traffic produces various traffic safety equipment and traffic signs, and the solar road stud light produced are also in a variety of styles. They are installed on the road mainly to serve as traffic warnings to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, no matter in bad weather such as rain and fog. In weather conditions or in various traffic environments, the most important thing to test is its safety and visibility. In these aspects, our products can stand the test, and we are also a road stud manufacturer with independent research and development capabilities. business.