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Flush plastic reflective road stud

NOKIN TRAFFIC is not only a Chinese manufacturer of solar road stud lights but also reflective road studs. The main energy of the solar road stud light comes from sunlight, but the reflective road stud is different, it does not need any energy source, it mainly relies on the reflection of its own reflector to reflect the light of the vehicle, so as to play a warning role.


The plastic reflective road studs we produce adopt imported high-precision reflective mold cores with high reflective brightness. The retroreflective back is designed with multiple waterproof grooves and then sealed by ultrasonic waves so that the back does not leak water and eliminates the possibility of the back of the reflective sheet being corroded by water. In addition, the slots of the reflectors are generally arc-shaped, and the reflectors are lower than the arc surface of the casing, which can reduce the weight impact of the tires on the reflectors, protect the reflectors, and increase the service life of the reflectors.
The compression resistance of plastic reflective road studs also varies with different product models and styles, but they all meet the standards required by the national standard. The waterproof level and our solar road studs are both IP68. The color of the product shell and the color of the reflector can be selected. If you need your own product logo, we can also provide product customization services.
The replacement cycle of plastic reflective road studs is about three years, which means that its service life can reach about three years. Compared with solar road studs, the visible distance is only 500 meters. Because it has no light source, the distance is relatively short, but even more so, it is the first choice for an underground garage installation. There are lights installed in the underground garage, so you only need to install flush reflective road studs to guide vehicles in and out, and it is not necessary Any light source is needed, and the cost is lower than that of solar road studs, so it is more suitable for use.
There is no big difference in installation between reflective road studs and LED solar road studs. Aluminum stud-type reflective road studs also need to be drilled for installation, and flush-type reflective road studs also need to be fixed on the road with glue or The installation location is sufficient. If you are interested in our products or have needs, you can log on to our website https://www.nk-roadstud.com/ to check your product needs, or you can send an email to Victor Qin: info@nk-roadstud. com to learn more, we look forward to cooperating with you.