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What Is The Distance Between Two Reflective Cat Eyes On Road


The reflective cat eyes is what's called a retroreflective safety device – it reflects light back to the source (i.e. your headlights)。Originally they were only used in the centre of the road yellow lines, two spheres facing each direction up the road. 2 sides of reflective bands of ruby-grains type can give clear brightness.  

Cat eyes reflector provide most effective night guidance even under the most adverse weather conditions. Cat eyes on road are available in different sizes to delineate both the carriage way at the center and at the edges of roads.
But do you know what is the distance between two reflective cat eyes on road ?



 In China, recommended distance between reflective cat eyes:

  • About 5m for roads and highways.
  • The dangerous entrance and exit are about 2m.
  • The entrance and exit of the hospital and parking lot are about 0.5-2m.

Recommended installation: fill the hole with 2 component glue or selected fixed product) and install the reflective cat eyes into the slurry and tighten it
Attention! Before reopening the driveway, make sure the glue is completely dry and the cat eyes reflector is secured.
Amber, green, red or white colors reflective cat eyes are available upon request in NOKIN Traffic.


reflective cat eyes

Different countries have different standards, In India,the distance between two reflective cat eyes on road as below:
On freeways, 9 meters to 18 meters depending on the radius of the horizontal/vertical curve. Thus, the spacing in a particular section of the road depends on the various design and environmental characteristics of that section. 9 m is suitable for all main/secondary Bridges, ROB (highway Bridges), VUP (vehicle underpass), overpasses, etc. 6 m for transfer in work area.



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