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Failure Mode Of The Reflector Of Reflective Road Stud


Road stud reflector is also called road stud sheet. Most of the damage and failure of the reflective road studs are caused by the foreign matters (such as small stones, etc.) in the tire when the vehicle is running over the road studs. Most of the reflectors of Al type road studs are prism reflectors made on the principle of total reflection. The characteristics of this kind of reflectors are high retroreflective efficiency. If the sealing structure of the reflectors is damaged, once water and dust penetrate into them, the retroreflective efficiency drops rapidly, resulting in the reflectors not reflecting.

reflective road stud

In order to avoid the damage and failure of the reflector, we can improve the material strength and the structure of the reflective road stud. At present, due to the limitation of material technology, we can't find an effective solution to improve the strength of road studs. To improved the structure of road reflector plate is to divide the original overall stud plate structure into several reflection units isolated from each other, so that after the stud plate is partially damaged, only the local reflection effect is affected, while the other reflection units can still work normally, so that the overall brightness of the road reflector does not drop much, so as to reduce the failure caused by the road stud plate partial damage.

The failure of the separation of the road stud reflector and the road stud body is mostly due to the weak combination of them. After the rolling of the vehicle for many times, the joint part cracks under the action of alternating stress.This kind of failure can be effectively avoided by improving the firmness between the stud plate and the stud body.
reflective road marker
There are two main reasons for the failure of the reflector caused by the attenuation of its brightness, namely, the poor weather resistance of the reflector material and the abrasion of the outer surface of the reflector.

If the weather resistance of the material is not good, the shuttle mirror reflector will be deformed after using for a period of time, and the angle formed by the four sides of the tetrahedron will change, which will cause the reflection efficiency to decline or even not reflect. Improving the weather resistance of the material can effectively avoid the failure.

The reason for the decrease of the reflective brightness caused by the abrasion of the reflector surface is that the friction between the vehicle tire and the road stud reflector makes the original smooth reflector surface rough, thus reducing the reflective efficiency of the reflector. Increasing the anti-wear strength of the reflector surface is an effective way to solve this kind of failure mode.