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Do You Know How To Install Solar Road Stud Lights?

There are two installation methods of solar road stud lights: the first is to stick the solar road studs on the road surface, and the other is to embed the solar road stud lights into the road surface. The first method requires the use of high-quality epoxy glue at the bottom of the protruding solar road studs, and then the protruding solar road studs are installed on a clean road surface. The bearing capacity of the protruding solar road stud light needs to reach more than 20 tons to ensure a considerable service life and impact on the road surface.
The second method can further extend the service life of road stud lights and ensure that solar road studs can be used in the case of large traffic volume and many vehicles. This method generally uses flush type solar road studs. Flush type solar road studs can be installed on asphalt, concrete elements and all other types of foundations. Before installing the embedded road stud lights, a small hole of suitable size should be drilled in the ground, and then the embedded solar road studs should be fixed in the hole.


Both methods can be used to install solar road studs. The difference between the two installation methods is that the design drawings need to be designed to plan and arrange the location of the solar road studs before installation, and the installation of the solar road studs is carried out in strict accordance with the drawings. Before installing solar studs, the road surface should be thoroughly cleared and barricades should be erected.

Street lights and illuminated signs need to be connected with circuits, that is, the ground needs to be excavated and the circuit is arranged underground. One of the advantages of solar road stud lights is that wiring is no longer required, and the installation process is more convenient than other lighting equipment. Solar road stud lights can be used in places where street lights are not bright, power is insufficient, and economic ability is poor. Because another feature of solar road studs is that they are maintenance-free and replacement-free.

All NOKIN solar road stud lights have a unique solar current conversion function. Thanks to this technology, our solar road studs have the highest level of lighting and durability and do not require expensive wiring installations. The innovative design of the solar road stud lights using a stainless steel milling process makes our solar road studs resistant to snow plow damage and improves road safety for several years.