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Do you know solar road stud light supplier NOKIN like this?

Many major traffic accidents often occur at night when the lights are dim and the roads are poorly lit. In dim lighting, drivers feel more tired or hallucinate. As a result, highway departments need to purchase a large number of nighttime warning products, especially solar road stud lights. Solar road stud lights are often used in the center and sides of some roads, as well as at the corners of roads. Many highway departments in China have purchased and installed solar road studs.


NOKIN is a manufacturer of solar road studs, specializing in the development and sales of outdoor solar road stud lights, and is responsible for the production, sales, installation and service of solar road studs. The company is mainly dedicated to R&D and innovation, highway solar road studs, yard solar road studs, landscape road stud lights and led solar road studs, as well as traffic lights, traffic signs and other outdoor lighting products.

As a new type of traffic safety facilities, Nokin solar road studs have been exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and have received bulk orders. The biggest feature of solar road stud lights is energy saving and environmental protection. With the use of solar energy resources and the development of solar road studs, inexhaustible green energy will enter thousands of households, creating a better tomorrow for human development.


NOKIN focus on the production of solar road stud lighting equipment. NOKIN is committed to building China's solar road stud manufacturing base and China's LED industry base. Solar road studs manufacturers have professional design teams, and NOKIN is no exception. Through professional research and design, NOKIN has created different types of solar road studs, including round solar road studs, square solar road studs, glass solar road studs, plastic solar road studs, tunnel solar road studs, etc.


Solar road stud manufacturer NOKIN has a professional solar road stud light design team. At the same time, there is also a solar road stud light design award from time to time. When the solar road stud design team runs out of design ideas or there is no breakthrough in a short period of time, NOKIN R&D department will research or collect the design drawings of solar road nails from customers. Nokin will also provide an award for the first draft design of solar road stud light. As long as the design of solar road studs is new in appearance or can meet the visual experience of consumers, you can get the design award.