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Why Solar Road Stud Lights Can Reduce Traffic Accidents on the Motorway

The solar road stud light is different from the past road isolation fence. It can not only effectively play the role of night light warning, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, but also does not occupy the lane space. Small products have a great effect.

The background of solar road stud light is that the focus of highway construction is gradually shifting to mountainous areas and mountainous areas with relatively backward economic development. Solar road stud light is mainly to overcome the harsh environment of rainy and foggy mountains. The wind speed of mountain expressway is significantly affected by mountains and valleys. The humid and rainy climate, coupled with the lush forest environment, leads to the mountainous highways often covered by fog. And the highway usually spans a long distance. In particular, many expressways pass through rural and mountainous areas, which makes the situation of expressways relatively complex.


Why can solar road studs reduce traffic accidents on motorway? Another reason is that the bright light provided by the solar road stud light can calm the driver's mood. This usually happens at night due to poor visibility. When a high-speed vehicle suddenly enters the fog area, the driver will feel that the light will suddenly dim. Some drivers can not adapt to the sudden changes in vision, they will have a sense of panic, which is easy to cause traffic accidents. 


Therefore, the solar road stud light must have ultra-high brightness and must use the active light-emitting method. The solar road stud light should be able to shine actively in order to draw the outline and edge of the road to the greatest extent. This is one of the most important characteristics of solar road studs compared with ordinary reflective road studs.

In terms of the index requirements, the relevant standard requirements of the Ministry of transport for the brightness of solar road stud light is 2000mcd. Through the automatic flashing of the solar road stud according to the frequency and the ultra-high luminous intensity, the road driving safety can be effectively improved.


In addition, solar road stud lights installed on highways must have environmental adaptability. The environment on the road is complex and changeable, and the temperature and humidity may vary greatly. The solar road stud must be able to adapt to this change. The temperature in the north of China is very low in winter, the temperature in the south is very high in summer, and the temperature difference between day and night in the northwest is particularly large. The southeast is wet and the northwest is dry. All these will affect the working efficiency of solar road studs. Therefore, the adaptability of solar road studs in the application environment must be fully considered in the design.