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What Is the Role of Solar LED Road Studs On The Road?

Traditionally, road edges were delineated with road studs and road markings to inform drivers to follow the lanes. However, over time and with irregular maintenance, road studs become less visible in the dark and as a result create dark spots on the road, increasing the risk of traffic accidents.

In addition, it's hard to easily see those contour road stud marker on busy roads, which also applies to rainy nights and wet nights. So, what's the solution? Solar LED road studs are switch-controlled road studs programmed with solar panels (with battery backup option) and a network of Led circuits, providing bright lane delineation and clear paths for all road users. This is the role of solar LED road studs on the road.

Solar led road stud are also very useful in urban environments when crosswalks need to be clearly and brightly outlined for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These led road studs are high power (charged with solar lamps) and highly reflective (visible from a distance of approximately 900m to 1200m), with 10 to 12 times the reflectivity of conventional road studs.


Installed on different road sections, the role of solar LED road studs is also different. If LED road studs are installed on the edge of the road and the middle line of the road, it is the traditional road marking function, because the luminous solar road studs can clearly delineate the road. The outline of the road tells the driver the direction of the road, especially in the corners, which is a good marking effect. However, some solar LED road studs are installed on the zebra crossing at the intersection. At this time, the role of the LED road studs is to warn, because their color will change with the color of the traffic lights, and at the same time remind pedestrians to pay attention to oncoming vehicles and drivers. pedestrian.

The LED lamp beads of solar LED road studs have 5 different colors, namely red, yellow, blue, green, and white. Different colors solar road studs are installed on different roads. For example, white LED road studs are generally installed on the center line of the road. Different countries have different regulations on the different colors of road studs. Like traditional reflective road studs, solar LED road studs also have 5 colors to meet different needs.