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Reflective Road Stud on Motorways

While there are many types of road studs, reflective road studs are by far the most common (and popular) choice. These clever safety devices, also commonly referred to as "cat eye reflectors," were first invented in 1933 and have been used in similar designs ever since.

Reflective road studs are designed to provide a very high degree of retroreflectivity, meaning that light reflected from nearby light sources is reflected back with similar intensity. On the road, this means that street lights and headlights highlight the reflective road studs, showing drivers the contours of the road.

Most reflective road studs are milled in a process where the studs are placed in cavities formed in the road surface. This allows the reflective road studs to be pressed into the cavity as they are run over, preventing them from being damaged. Water is then collected in the cavity to clean the motorway studs and ensure they retain their retroreflectivity.

However, not all reflective road studs are ground. Reflective road studs can also be surface mounted by bonding to the surface or by embedding into smaller surface cavities. These motorway studs tend to be more cost effective because they do not require milling and their raised profile provides good visibility during daylight hours.


Reflective road studs have a variety of applications on the road network. In addition to providing visual cues as to where you are on the road and where the road is going, they can also provide auditory and tactile feedback as you drive over them. In addition to deploying reflective road studs, NOKIN has a full line of road studs for your own application.

While reflective road studs are still the most popular form of road stud, there are other options depending on your specific situation. These include non-reflective studs and markers, such as those that mark crosswalks, as well as solar-powered road studs, which can provide a similar level of light at a greater distance than a cat eye reflectors.


Every road stud project is different and we will work closely with you to determine the exact nature of your project before coming up with the best solution. Check out our Case page to see our past projects, or contact us today to find out what NOKIN can do for you.