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What Can Solar Cat Eye Road Stud Do in Smart Zebra Crossing?

Solar cat eye road studs are often used in conjunction with road markings to further enhance the warning effect. "Smart zebra crossing" is one of the application forms of solar cat eye road studs. As night fell, the "smart zebra crossing" at an intersection was officially opened. The "smart zebra crossing" is organized and implemented by the Guangzhou Transportation Bureau, which is one of the practical measures for the people's livelihood to control traffic congestion points in Guangzhou. The warning light of the solar road stud is eye-catching, and the two-way warning function effectively reduces the congestion caused by the conflict between people and vehicles.


The use of solar cat eye road studs is to improve the traffic order at the intersection of Tianhe North Road and realize the separation of vehicles and pedestrians. Solar road stud camp has created a safe and orderly traffic environment and reduced congestion caused by human and vehicle conflicts. Therefore, Guangzhou Transportation Bureau organized the municipal road engineering research center to implement the improvement project of non-motor vehicle exclusive access.


The installation of solar road studs and "smart zebra crossing" are important pilot contents of the project. The Municipal Road Engineering Research Center organized the design unit and the solar cat eye road stud construction unit to carry out a lot of work. Due to the durability and beauty of solar road studs, the use of "fearless" vehicles and pedestrians to crush and tread on solar cat eye has also received strong support from the Guangzhou traffic police department.


After the implementation of the "smart zebra crossing", after two nights of formal operation, combined with the trial operation data of the buried solar road stud in early August, relevant research institutions tracked its implementation effect. The results show that the solar cat eye road stud has an obvious two-way warning effect on pedestrians and passing vehicles on the crosswalk at night and has achieved the expected implementation effect. The effect of solar road stud is embodied in the following two points.

First, the color transformation and flickering of solar cat eye road studs are used for warning. The warning function of the solar cat eyes is very obvious, which effectively reminds pedestrians, especially the "low-headed people", of the passage time and passage area of crossing the street. After installing the solar road stud, the illegal traffic behaviors such as running the red light and not waiting according to the regulations caused by looking down at the mobile phone were significantly reduced compared with those before the implementation. Second, solar cat eye road studs can clearly remind motor vehicle drivers to yield to zebra crossings, slow down and reduce cross-street conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians. In short, solar cat eye road studs improve traffic safety at intersections and create a safer and orderly road traffic environment for citizens.