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Solar Pedestrian Crosswalk Warning Light Systems
solar road stud
solar road stud

Pedestrian Crossing Monitoring System

It also can be combined with traffic lights, indicating the state of road traffic, traffic lights to reduce the intersection of the dead, Using for sidewalks, warning drivers and pedestrians, to ensure the crosswalk traffic safety.
Case Material: PC+Aluminium (GB-ADC12)
Power Consumption: ≤ 5 W
LED: 6 bi-direction high-bright LEDs, brightness: ≥ 30000mcd(wired type)
LED color :
Visual distance: > 800m
Product introduction :
Intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system is a kind of active luminous road stud and LED traffic sign on the sidewalk. LED lights can send out warning light to warn drivers to slow down or stop to wait, and remind pedestrians to watch vehicles at the intersection, so as to make sure the safety of pedestrians crossing the road. The intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system can be connected with high-definition thermal imaging camera, geomagnetic sensor and traffic light signal system. The above devices send out signals and send them to the road stud. Then the road stud flash. The flashing frequency can be adjusted according to customer requirements, generally from 1Hz to 4Hz. The visual distance of the product exceeds 800m at night. After installation, the top of the solar road stud only protrudes from the ground by 6 mm, which can prevent being damaged by snowplow.

Pedestrian Crossing Monitoring System
Pedestrian Crossing Monitoring System

-Can install in roadside, sidewalk, middle of road.
-Dig a hole for 125mm on the road, glued with epoxy glue, the bus is connected to the control box interface (no bus wireless connection).
-When the control box hanging installation, must do the first level of anti-lightning measures, install the ground.
-Product cabling must comply with electrical safety regulations.
-Road rehabilitation must reach the same road pressure level.
Before the product is installed, try to avoid strong collision and scratching, resulting in product performance decline,If solar road studs storage for too long time (more than 90 days), it needs charge and test before installation. After finishing the installation, must test and then to normal traffic. Non-professional or without permission can not change the internal wiring of the control box
Pedestrian Crossing Monitoring System
  1. -Using for sidewalks, warning drivers and pedestrians, to ensure the crosswalk traffic safety
  2. -Can be combined with traffic lights, indicating the state of road traffic, traffic lights to reduce the intersection of the dead
  3. -Can be installed in sidewalk junctions, through the active button trigger the studs working
  4. -Coordinating with thermal imaging detectors, geomagnetic sensor, installed in the crosswalk or accident-prone area, automatic work to increase road safety.
  5. -Embedded design makes it 400KN compression, can be installed in the sidewalk zebra, road centerline.
  6. -The studs can be wired, driven by commercial power, the brightness can reach to 20m.
  7. -The controller es multi-level security protection, and the life of system can be more than 5 years.
Specification :
Product power consumption: <5W;
Working mode: connect with traffic signal, traffic lights synchronization; connecting traffic cameras to detect the passing pedestrians.
Color: red/yellow/green
LED: 6 bi-direction high-bright LEDs, brightness: ≥ 30000mcd(wired type)
Visual Distance: >800.
Interface Mode: UART or TTL
Connect mode: wired or solar types
Lifetime: more than 3years
Working environment: temperature: -40℃ to +80℃, moisture: 10% to 90%。
Size: studs: φ125*50mm; controller: 300*200*100mm
Case material: aluminium+PC anti-ballistic material+epoxy filling
Waterproof grade: IP68(road studs); IP65(controller)
Compression rating: greater than 400KN.
Control box electrical protection: not less than surge 40KA.
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