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Very popular solar road studs in Colombia

As a professional manufacturer and exporter of solar road studs, we have a wide range of products, so we have more choices. Therefore, the products that are popular in each country are different. After the new year in 2023, orders from Colombia will also increase, which also reflects that our (NK-RS-D1) product is very popular in its local area. of.


The NK-RS-D1 solar road stud is also an aluminum road stud, but it can be designed in two types: flush type and stud type. Some differences in the appearance of these two types make their installation methods different. We have said in previous news that the flush solar road studs generally use glue to stick the road studs and the installation road surface together, so that It plays the role of fixing and is not easy to fall off. The stud-type solar road stud needs to be drilled first on the road surface to be installed, and then glued to fix it, so how to choose can be made according to our installation conditions.
LED solar road studs light
Most of the major cities in Colombia are located in the Andes Mountains. The roads between cities are winding and winding. In case of rain and fog, the roads are difficult and accidents occur frequently. The condition of the roads in the city is not ideal, and the roads in the capital Bogota are also narrow and uneven. Therefore, it is very necessary to install solar road stud lights on many roads to warn drivers of traffic conditions.
LED solar road studs light
The Kennedy district of Bogota, Colombia's largest city, is famous for its many bicycles and pedestrians, and it is also the fastest-growing city in South America. However, from 2013 to 2017, due to the lack of road markings and buffer slopes on the local roads, and the lack of installation of signal lights to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists cross the intersection safely, pedestrians and cyclists faced safety hazards, traffic accidents often occurred, and some, even So, lost his life. Coupled with the poor design of the median along the street, it is easy for cyclists to rush into oncoming traffic and cause conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists.
LED solar road studs light
In order to create a safer road environment, the city of Bogota redesigned the intersection in January 2018. Retrofit measures include lowering the divider to improve the comfort and safety of cyclists and pedestrians; adding road markings for cycling and adding zebra crossings; cat eye road stud have also been installed on some roads, and increased access to pedestrians and bicycles has been improved. The buffer slope of the road, set signal lights for pedestrians, etc. These renovation measures provide cyclists with safe, continuous, and independent bicycle lanes, improve the comfort and safety of pedestrians, and greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic hazards.