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Glass solar road studs popular in Thailand

Each country has its own traffic rules, depending on the local environment, road conditions, and other factors. There are many motorcycles in Thailand, and most of the local residents drive very fast. Although pedestrians have the absolute right of way and vehicles must pass by, the safety of pedestrians cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, this glass solar road stud is gradually installed on roads in Thailand. Come up to warn pedestrians and vehicles to avoid traffic accidents.


This 360° glass cat's eye pavement protrusion road sign is a green product that is safe, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and energy-saving. Alloy and other reflective sheet-type protruding road signs have the disadvantages of low strength, easy to break, easy to grind, easy to accumulate dirt, easy to fall off, short service life, high maintenance cost, and poor safety performance, which is a good guarantee for modern traffic road safety.
solar road stud
The direction of the lamp bead is marked on the outside of the 360° glass road stud, which is convenient for the installer to install. Many of these details are problems that we usually don’t pay attention to, but if the direction of the lamp bead is not marked during the installation process, it will be installed blindly, although 360° can show the effect of lighting, the correct installation direction can have a better warning effect.
solar road stud
The compressive performance of this solar road studs is greater than 20 tons. The unique manufacturing effect has waterproof performance, and a good sealing effect and rainwater can also play a cleaning role. It adopts the embedded installation method, which is firm and durable. Even if it is broken, it will not cause damage to the tires of the vehicle. The service life is generally three years, and no human maintenance is required in the middle.
solar road stud
The construction method still adopts the embedded method, which requires professional drilling equipment to drill holes in the ground. After cleaning the residue in the holes, pour an appropriate amount of epoxy resin, and then put the glass cat eye road stud into the holes. The glue cannot be injected too much or too little. After the installation is completed, the road needs to be closed for 4-8 hours, and the road can only be opened after the glue is completely solidified.