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Ultra Thin Solar Road Stud Markers -- A Companion for Stroll

In the last essay, I briefly introduced a new type of ultra thin solar road stud markers. I will introduce its properties and application in detail in this passage. 
This type of ultra thin solar road stud markers use improved transparent PC material as shells which assure its thickness of only 11mm and high pressure resistance capacity. It also passes strict water-proof test and compression test. USA brand flexible solar with high conversion and charge efficiency, program PCB with high stability, and high temperature battery which can work normally at high temperature are applied. The most important light intensity can also be promised by using ultra bright diameter 5mm LED which can be seen from more than 500m. This load capacity of it is beyond 15T, and lithium battery can work 5 years at least. So you will not worry about its life span. 

properoty of ultra thin solar road stud markers
Because of its ideal thickness, it can be applied in bicycle lane, urban road, farm, bridge, pillar, garden and other public places. Canada customers installed the ultra thin solar road stud markers on both sides of the bridge. With embellishment of street lights, the bridge becomes very charming at night.

application of ultra thin solar road stud markers
NOKIN Traffic has now exporting more than 50000 smart solar road stud markers around the world. NOKIN Traffic is one of top solar road stud markers manufacturers in China, we have advanced production equipment, and international management philosophy. If you need someone that can produce what you want and have a custom design printed to your specification. Then our OEM/ODM service is for you!