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LED Solar Road Marker On the Park in Brazil

Project location: Brazil
Product model: NK-RS-Q7
Installation time: 2017
LED solar road marker are ground lights used to mark potentially hazardous areas in road traffic or to separate lanes. Solar collectors are active in the dark (LED technology) compared to passive reflectors, which can be seen Sex and marking effects increased to 1000 meters. This can effectively mark important areas such as sidewalks, traffic islands, corners, and roundabouts. Such LED solar road marker protrude from the ground in a large thickness, or need to be buried underground, causing greater damage to the ground.
solar marker on parkLED Solar Road Marker
However, for areas such as sidewalks where there is no car passing through, the load-bearing requirements for the LED solar road marker are not very high. There is no need to install such bulky LED solar road marker. An ultra-thin LED solar road marker developed by Nokin has solved this problem very well. This LED solar road marker is only 11mm thick and is made of transparent PC material. It is already used in parks in Brazil. In addition, it is also suitable for walkway, park, dock, bridges, etc. are used for decorative lighting.

Solar road marker in Brazil park seems very fascinating in the night,Solar marker on park use solar charging, light sensing to control LED lights, when the light source is insufficient, the led light will automatically light up, easy to install, no need to wiring, in the docks that are not convenient to connect wire, outdoor and other places are very popular with customers.

soalr Road marker in BrazilLED Solar Road Marker

Features of LED solar road marker NK-RS-Q7:
-Only 11mm thickness 
-USA brand flexible solar panel,high conversion and charge efficiency
- High temperature battery: work normally at high temperature
-Program PCB has high stability
- Bullet LED has high brightness
-Easy installation and maintenance
- Accept OEM/ODM