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A Company to Serve Perfect Solar Road Stud Markers

Solar road stud markers are seen everywhere. When you drive at dusk and are bother by dim lights condition, solar road stud markers suddenly bright up and outline the road. As we all know,solar road marker are typically applied to roads that have or are considered to be dangerous, including bends, or intersections that provide better delineation and merge at complex intersections, up/down ramps, and lanes. They can provide better guidance and warning effect.

solar road stud markers of NOKIN Traffic Facilities
But they can also be applied in other place. When you try to park a sharing-bicycle, you must follow the guidance of Bluetooth road stud markers. When you stroll with your lover in a park, the colorful solar road stud markers on the roadside and bridge can increase the atmosphere of romantic and warm. Do you like the picture I describe for you? Do you want to buy solar road stud markers?
If you desire to buy one, I will recommend a professional company to you -- NOKIN Traffic Facilities. It established in 2001 and has 18 years experience in researching, designing and producing traffic safety facilities, which include solar road stud markers, reflective road stud markers, solar traffic sign and road marking machine, etc. Among them, solar road stud markers are NOKIN Traffic’s trump card and hot sold for years. All products are ISO9001, CE certificate, RoHS approved and well received by domestic clients and abroad clients from Australia, Slovakia, France, UK, Argentina, Romania, Indonesia, Middle East and Africa. Here are some cases of solar road stud markers.

NOKIN Traffic Facilities
NOKIN Traffic Facilities never immersed in past glory but step forward constantly. It has a group that devotes to improve products quality and performance. NOKIN Traffic Facilities puts personalization into products and constantly develop new products with super technology; high luminous efficiency and lower consumption in solar road stud markers series.
If you would like more information about NOKIN Traffic Facilities, you can visit the website info@nk-roadstud.com. NOKIN Traffic Facilities is willing to cooperate with you and create wonders one after another!