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Tunnel LED Road Stud Combine With Passive reflection

The tunnel led solar road stud is composed of a shell, an LED, a wire, and a controller. The tunnel led solar road studs can be powered by both solar panels and AC. Tunnel solar led road stud is a visual guidance facility that can not only rely on active light but also combine with passive reflection.


The working model of tunnel led solar road stud includes constant light or flashing. The led road stud used in the tunnel has anti-oil pollution requirements. The tunnel led solar road stud requires a large number of LEDs, and the shell can be plastic. The shell of the tunnel led solar road stud used for road surface has pressure resistance requirements, most of which are cast aluminum shells, and the active lighting is combined with reflection.


Tunnel led solar road studs can reduce the frequency of traffic accidents. The tunnel led solar road stud can alert and remind the driver through the lighting. At the same time, the tunnel led solar road stud can prompt the monitoring personnel to detect road conditions and traffic accidents.


The solar road stud helps minimize the property losses and casualties caused by the accident. The monitoring personnel who watch led road stud can take corresponding measures according to the type and situation of the accident and timely notify the relevant departments.

Through the notice sent by the tunnel led road stud, the monitoring personnel can know the road traffic conditions in time. So it is necessary to choose a good tunnel led road stud.