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Wireless Solar Road Stud And Tunnel LED Road Studs


Tunnel LED road studs 


The tunnel LED road stud is actually a kind of active solar road stud, the difference is that its energy supply is not solar energy, but AC power in the tunnel (because there is no solar energy in the tunnel).

The resulting background of tunnel LED road studs 


With the gradual improvement of highway construction in plain areas, hilly areas and more economically developed provinces and cities, the focus of highway construction is gradually shifting to mountainous areas with relatively lagging economic development. There are more and more long tunnels and extra-long tunnels. Due to their hidden belt-like structural characteristics, the tunnel has brought a series of changes to the traffic environment, especially the long tunnels on high-traffic sections of the highway. The security situation is very high. It was severe and caused great losses due to security issues.

tunnel LED road studs

Because the road tunnel is a closed space, the traffic space is limited, and the air is not easy to circulate. Therefore, the original reflective road studs will soon lose the reflective effect in the tunnel due to air pollution and dust accumulation on the surface of the road studs.  the tunnel LED road studs is generated under this background.

Features of Tunnel LED road studs 


Tunnel LED road studs can clearly delineate the edges and contours of roads in the tunnel. It has the characteristics of not being easily crushed by cars, and long life, and the service life can exceed 5 years. In addition, the wires installed with such road studs can be passed through the wire grooves without cutting grooves on the road surface, and the construction is simple and convenient.

In addition, there are different modes for the tunnel LED road studs  blinking. Some use the method of flashing on both sides of the road synchronously, the blinking frequency can be adjusted, and some use the method of constant light. According to the experience of our company, the driver feels the most comfortable with constant light in the straight line. 

Wireless solar road stud

Wireless synchronous flashing solar road stud


This is actually an improvement and innovation of the shortcomings of the active solar road stud.
Its characteristics: synchronous flashing without damaging the road. Effective control radius> 50 meters.
Wireless synchronous solar road studs are composed of two parts, one is the controller and the other is the road stud.
Although each solar road studs has a solar panel, battery, control circuit, and LED, the control circuit has an additional receiving module. The control circuit only starts to blink when it receives a control command. The role of the controller is to issue control commands at a fixed level.