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Tips for The Use and Installation of Solar Road Studs

Solar road studs are used to indicate road and tunnel edges at night or in rainy and foggy weather. The use environment of solar road studs is complex and changeable, and the temperature and humidity may vary greatly. The temperature in the north is very low in winter, the temperature in the south is very high in summer, and the temperature difference between day and night in the northwest is particularly large. The southeast is wet and the northwest is dry. These will affect the normal work of solar road studs. Therefore, the design of solar road studs should fully consider environmental adaptability. Below, the author will tell you about some issues that need special attention in solar road studs.


Solar road stud is a clear, eye-catching, adjustable active flash lighted sight guide sign. The solar road studs are arranged in a row to form the outline of the illuminated driveway. It not only played an excellent and obvious role in guiding and warning, but also added a beautiful landscape to it. Solar road studs are mainly installed on highway entrances and exits, tunnels, road shoulders, roundabouts, safety islands, curbs or tunnel walls in underground parking lots, and on the side walls of road edges.

Now many places in the society are using this kind of solar road studs. Solar road studs can be seen in offices, factories, mines, schools, squares and other places. There are many manufacturers of solar road studs on the market, and the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of solar road studs.


What problems may occur during the installation of solar road studs? Improper installation of solar road studs can cause the lighting to fail.

During the installation of solar road studs, there will be some situations such as drilling errors and insufficient hygiene. These conditions will affect the use of solar road studs, which will adversely affect road construction.

If the dust generated during the drilling process of the solar road stud is not removed, the installation of the solar road stud begins. Solar road studs can fall off quickly. Therefore, the road on which the solar road studs are installed should be smooth and clean. In this way, the bottom surface of the solar road stud can increase the contact area with the ground and increase the adhesion.


A high-quality solar road stud should have good compressive performance (above 20 tons), work continuously with high brightness, be firmly installed, and not easy to fall off. The first two are provided by solar road stud manufacturers. They are firmly installed and not easy to fall off, which is guaranteed by the installation and construction of solar road studs.