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The Notes of Solar Road Stud Lights Application

Solar road stud lights is nothing but an active LED road stud with automatic switching function, realized using the combination of a small solar panel, re-chargeable cell, and LED driver circuitry. High visibility LED and reflective sheet elements incorporated into the base parts of solar road stud help ensure safe driving at night.


The solar road stud lights are made of aluminium alloy and high durability polycarbonate material. Solar road studs are ideal for permanent or temporary marking. Solar road stud lights have a high degree of visibility during the day due to the prismatic reflective elements of various colours on both sides of the road stud. During the night, visibility is achieved due to the high power LED that are automatically actuated by a sensitive photocell.


The solar road stud lights are solar powered, allowing them to be used in remote or stand alone applications. Only clean solar energy is used and there are no hazardous materials in the road stud lights.

In the application of solar road stud lights, the following notes should be paid attention to:


1. Do not immerse in corrosive liquid, which will damage the solar road stud lights.
2. Please do not scratch the surface of solar panel with sharp objects.
3. Please place the solar road stud lights on the solar place to ensure the best effect.
4. Non professionals are not allowed to open the solar road stud lights shell to avoid danger.