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Yellow Aluminium Solar Road Studs in Kuwait City Road

Project location: Kuwait
Product model: NK-RS-A1
Installation time: 2017

One of advantages of our aluminium solar road studs NK-RS-A1 is small size, and another advantage is light weight,the weight is only 17g per unit,also due to these advantages, he can not only be applied to the roadside, but also can be used as a decorative light, installed on the steps and other application scenarios.

Our Kuwaiti customers purchased a batch of Yellow Solar Road Studs in 2017, which was installed on the road in front of the building. The yellow light of the aluminium road studs is same as the color of the lights on the building, and the buildings are very beautiful.

The advantage of our aluminium solar road studs NK-RS-A1:
-Super power capacity, Longer life (More than 10 years). 
-Working model: Recharging at day and working automatically
-Working period:Full recharging for 8hours and working in 120hours constantly.
-Suitable for edge line of road and pavement
-Can use over 180hrs in the foggy or rainy day after fully charged
-Can work more than 3 years normally

Any requiremant of solar road studs, welcome to your inquire!