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Solar Road Stud Lights for Road Construction

With the steady progress of road construction and the continuous development of science and technology, the probability of solar road stud lights being seen on the road is increasing. This is not only for the sake of safety, but also for the development trend of solar road stud light itself. Whether it is solar road stud lights or ordinary reflective road studs, are safe and effective traffic safety facilities.


With the increasing number of cars, the requirement of pursuing humanized signs and warning in road design is increasing. However, the cost of using municipal power supply for traffic warning is too high, and solar road stud lights can save power resources, because solar energy is the most important source of solar road stud light.


In foreign developed countries, the habit of looking at the markings in the daytime and the road stud lights in the evening has long been formed. In China, solar road stud light, an efficient and energy-saving traffic safety facility, has been paid more and more attention and applied. Solar road stud lights can effectively ensure road lighting at night and reduce traffic accidents.


The appearance of solar road stud light is beautiful, which can be used for road guidance device, as well as garden, park and road edge decoration. The LED light frequency of the solar road stud can be selected, so the use scene of the road stud lights can be flexibly selected.

NOKIN can provide a variety of processes and types of solar road stud and various road stud lights according to the specific situation of the road, which can be selected according to the actual demand.