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The New Direction of Solar Road Studs-Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems

The world has begun to pay more attention to the construction of smart cities. In China, after the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development launched the national smart city pilot project in 2012, it has received attention from local governments as the future direction of urban development. With the focus on smart cities, the optimization of urban road safety has been on the agenda. We must mention the new smart transportation system - Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems and solar road studs. Why solar road studs can serve the smart city? Solar road studs are green, efficient and automated road safety facilities.


In the context of such development, solar road studs manufacturers and solar road studs sellers have emerged many times. Solar road studs account for a large part of traffic safety products. There are so many solar road stud manufacturers on the market, how to choose a good solar road stud manufacturer? I recommend NOKIN and NOKIN Solar Road Studs.

The economic benefits of solar road studs are far better than other common road safety equipment. But it also depends on what kind of solar road studs the manufacturer produces. Some small solar road stud manufacturers are unable to survive with qualified solar road stud products because their technology does not meet the standards. It makes the product needs to be replaced frequently and the cost is high. NOKIN solar road studs meet the relevant standards at home and abroad, in strict accordance with the solar road stud production process to ensure the quality of solar road stud. NOKIN solar road studs have been exported to dozens of countries overseas.


One of the advantages of NOKIN solar road studs is energy saving. Due to the use of imported solar panels, the conversion efficiency is super high, NOKIN solar road studs have a great improvement in energy saving. In addition, solar road studs can be used in combination with traffic lights and solar traffic sign to form a Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems which is also the new development direction of solar road studs, solar road studs will be more and more intelligent to participate in the smart city. At present, NOKIN solar road studs have been recognized and supported by customers in China, the United States, Australia, Japan and other countries.


The service life of NOKIN solar road studs is also very long. In South Africa, NOKIN solar road studs that have been installed for 3 years are still working normally. You don't need to worry about the after-sales service of NOKIN solar road studs. This also makes Nokin solar road studs more cost effective. That's why solar road studs are so economical.

The new direction of solar road studs is the Smart Pedestrian Crossing Systems, these Pedestrian Crossing Systems in China, Korea, the Middle East and South America are beginning to develop, I believe that in the near future, our roads will be safer!