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Different types of Solar Road Stud Lights

When designing solar road stud lights, the designer will imagine various environments with the corresponding solar road studs. Solar road stud lights need to be designed in what shape to fit the environment they are being used in at the time. For example, parks, gardens, fountains and other places need ultra-thin or round decorative road stud lights. At the same time, solar road studs also need to meet the corresponding use of the environment. For example, in areas with abnormal climate, it is necessary to consider the high temperature and frost resistance of solar road stud lights.


In actual use, solar road stud lights are used in different ways and for different purposes . If we want to purchase solar road studs, we can take into account the purpose of use and use scenarios to choose the type of road studs. There are many types of solar road studs, including round solar road studs, square solar road studs, semi-circular  solar road studs and so on.

Into the traffic safety products market, When shopping for solar road stud lights, you will find a dizzying variety of styles. For the most basic warning purposes, we can buy low-profile appearance of ordinary solar road stud lights. Popular design makes the solar road stud lights look very low-key, the market's also promoted more, such road stud lights are very suitable for use at the edge of the road, the price is also more appropriate. If there are special requirements for solar road studs, such as installation location in the middle of the road or functional requirements, you need to communicate with the solar road stud supplier in depth to see if there are road stud lights that meet the needs.


In private courtyards, bars, restaurants and other places that need to create an elegant atmosphere, we also offer decorative style solar road stud lights. Private patios like to use elegant style solar studs. This kind of solar road stud gives a bright feeling. Especially in many outdoor gardens, docks. Deck, etc., in the use of solar road stud, the performance of the road stud light is a certain requirement. For example, waterproof performance and light up the length of time to meet the requirements, etc. The use of solar road stud lights can further enhance the atmosphere, through the light to create a beautiful environment.


Different solar road stud lights are born according to different market demand. If you want to choose the right style and shape of solar road studs, or need to see more than one choice. Solar road studs come in five colors: white, yellow, blue, red and green. If you have special requirements for the color of the solar road studs, NOKIN can provide customized services, you can get the corresponding solar road stud lights products.