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Solar Motorway Studs Were Installed in Highways by South Africa Client

We all know that there are no streetlights on expressway, vehicles without street lights only can rely on headlights, although some motorways have reflective road markers, but now we have a new case in which solar motorway studs can be installed on highways.

Installing solar motorway studs on highways can illuminate the road without a power grid. Each motorway cats eyes on expressway has its own solar collector and LED lamp, plus a microprocessor that can manage power so that two hours of sunlight can provide them with enough electricity to illuminate for the whole day. As a result, even in bad weather, the visibility of the road one kilometer ahead is 10 times that of the headlight shining on the reflector.

300 pcs motorway cats eyes were ordered by our South Africa Client in early 2016.In the end of 2016 years, we received feedback from this customer,our client installate solar motorway studs on motorways.
solar motorway studs on expressway
Safe and sustainable solar studs have been shown to improve road safety at night. Provide a view of the road layout in front of the driverundefineds natural line of sight, far beyond the headlight beam of the vehicle.
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