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The Intelligent Solar LED Road Stud to Save Phubbers


The smart zebra crossing project can effectively remind pedestrians, especially the "heads-down tribe", of the crossing time and areas through the color changing and flashing of the solar LED road studs.

The early warning function of the solar LED road studs is very remarkable, and the number of illegal traffic behaviors such as running red lights and waiting outside the regulations due to looking down at mobile phones is significantly reduced compared to before the implementation of the project. At the same time, solar led road stud can clearly remind motorists to yield to the zebra crossing, slow down, reduce vehicle and pedestrian crossing conflicts, improve intersection traffic safety, and create a more safe and orderly road traffic environment for the public.


solar led road studs

At night, the intersection of Tianhe North Road - East Sports Road has 3 pedestrian crossing at both ends of the ground traffic lights and solar led road stud lit up, is waiting to cross the road, the public saw that this facility can play a warning role.

In addition, the reporter saw, intelligent zebra crossings with soalr led road studs are also set up at the intersection of non-motorized signal lights, while the intersection of non-motorized lane guide line also makes the non-motorized vehicles more orderly and smooth driving. Next, the city transportation department will be based on the assessment results of relevant research institutions, to further promote the analysis and research.


intelligent solar road stud

According to the introduction, the smart zebra crossing mainly adopts solar road studs and buried pedestrian crosswalk signal lights, taking into account the durability design and has undergone many in-plant and on-site tests by the construction unit, taking into account both durability and aesthetic needs.