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Solar LED Road Stud Lights and Intelligent Zebra Crossing System

Recently, Sanya traffic police department took the lead in introducing the multi intelligent zebra crossing system in the whole province. When pedestrians pass by, they will light up the LED solar road stud light to remind drivers to avoid collision.

Pedestrians who have experienced it say: "it's like walking the 'Star Road' when crossing the solar road stud road! Technology changes life, details warm people's hearts. There is no big difference between this zebra crossing and normal zebra crossing, but there are two rows of solar LED road stud light strips on both sides of the zebra crossing.

solar led road stud light
The reason why these two rows of solar road studs will be bright is controlled by a set of equipment, which is installed at both ends of the zebra crossing, which is called infrared imaging sensing pedestrian crossing safety protection facilities. This intelligent system uses many technologies such as thermal imaging, human recognition, Internet of things perception, etc. it can distinguish human body from other objects by retrieving human behavior, action, contour, step, gesture and other elements.
solar led road studs
In addition to science and technology, zebra crossing with intelligent system and solar led road stud light is also specially painted with dark red background color, as a supplement to the insufficient lighting effect of road studs in the daytime. Reporter night driving experience, in linchunling Park intersection hundreds of meters away, you can see the light belt when pedestrians passing by, eye-catching but not dazzling, with a good warning effect.

led road stud lights
"Taking the intelligent zebra crossing with solar road stud has increased a lot of sense of security." Linchunling Park intersection a citizen said.