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The Application Places of Solar Road Stud Lights

Solar road stud light is also known as solar pavement marker, led cat eye road stud, etc. Solar road stud lights are charged by solar panels, stored in batteries, and automatically emit light at night and in rainy and foggy weather when the light is insufficient. The solar road stud lights can guide the vehicle to the right direction and ensure the traffic safety effectively.


The characteristics of solar road stud lights are strong and durable, economical and practical, high-tech environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Solar road stud lights can be used for road lighting, yurts, tents, gardens, gardens, parks and other outdoor lighting. Solar road stud lights can also be used for street and garden, park decoration.

solar-road stud lights

Solar road stud lights are suitable for expressways and roads without street lights. Installing solar road stud lights in these places can improve road safety and effectively guide the driver's driving direction. The solar road stud with continuous light and frequency flicker has a good decorative effect and can create a beautiful city night scene.