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The Advantages of Solar LED Traffic Signs


1. The visual recognition distance is increased, and safety is more assured

The Research Institute of Highway Science of the Ministry of Transport and Saikang Jiaoan jointly launched the "Contrast Test Report on the Night Visibility of LED Solar Traffic Signs and Retroreflective Signs". The study found that the LED traffic signs can increase the visibility distance by 46-63%. The increase in sight distance can be directly converted into safe maneuvering time in driving tasks, thereby obtaining safety guarantee based on human factors, reducing or avoiding road traffic accidents caused by insufficient sight distance, unclear vision, and unknown direction. Application evidence shows that solar traffic signs can reduce traffic accidents on application roads by more than 70%.


2. Severe weather is visible, and the safety benefits are significant

Tongji University carried out the "Test and Evaluation of Application of Active Luminescence Technology to Improve Road Traffic Safety". The conclusion is that the contrast of the key information of solar led traffic signs at night and under severe weather conditions is increased by 25%-38%. From the perspective of traffic safety economics, the VE value of the project investment can be up to 105 times, while the ordinary reflective sign is only 24 times the VE value.


3. Digitization of identity information, intelligent vehicle-road collaboration

The solar led traffic signs applied at the Daxing Airport Expressway are all equipped with intelligent networked sensor modules, which can be connected to the cloud platform of intelligent Internet of Things traffic control facilities to realize the digitization of traffic sign identity information, sense road conditions and risks, and remotely synchronously monitor the collision of signs , Tilt, displacement, etc. The solar led signposts are also connected to the big traffic flow data of AutoNavi Maps, and the travel time to the corresponding place is released in real time.

So, why do solar LED traffic signs have these advantages? The specificity of the light-emitting diode (LED) itself determines these. In addition to the performance of traditional light sources, LEDs also have the following advantages:


The first is not easy to break, easy to transport and install; secondly, the light source unit is small, which makes the lighting flexible and efficient. The layout position can be adjusted according to the specific situation, and the lighting scheme with different effects can be produced to better display the lighting effect in the night scene; It is that LED has higher luminous efficiency, more energy saving, longer lifespan and faster start-up speed than traditional light sources. Finally, it is environmentally friendly and has no radiation to the human body, which is conducive to protecting the environment. These advantages make solar LED traffic signs have their own advantages: using solar energy as energy, LED as light source, and sending out information in the form of strobe, solar led traffic signs can play a good warning effect when drivers are fatigued during long-distance driving, and can also reduce Driver misjudgments on congested roads due to narrowing of the road width can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It can be said that the warning function has been greatly improved, and led traffic sign has played a positive role in ensuring the safety of traffic and roads.